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Do not cry because it's over; smile because it happened.


why yes, i'm asian

They call me Emily.

You're familiar with Asian stereotypes, yes? I embody nearly all of them. I'm good at math, I like computers, and I love all those cute Japanese characters.

If there's a fandom, I'm a fan of it. x] I love manga, anime, Japanese characters (Sanrio, San-x, Crux, etc), Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Pokemon, Sailor Moon (my favorite anime/manga of all time), and even more geeky things. Just name it. I probably love it. ^_^

I'm a huge crafter. I guess you say my "specialty" is sculpting (polymer clay), but I like to sew and do other random things. My next big learning project is crochet. I want to make scarves and hats. >.> You can check out my links below to see what I'm up to.

If you've receive a friend add from me, I promise I'm not trying to be creepy. I just like what you've posted. xD

If you want to friend me, go right ahead! I don't mind. I may even stop by and give you a hello. :3

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